AllSage Consulting and Better Impact are partnering to deliver the best possible experience to organizations using Better Impact for managing the administration of their volunteers.

It’s true that many hands make light work.

It is equally true that those hands also create work.

Registering, organizing, scheduling, communicating with your volunteers are all made easier with Better Impact.

Branding, configuring, forms & templates, regulations, compliance & reporting are all made easier with AllSage Consulting.

We know how much potential Better Impact has for lightening the administrative load, but a tool is only as good as those who use it. We also know that the hardest and most valuable work is attracting and retaining volunteers. Having a digital tool that is too hard to use only complicates things and adds to an already heavy workload. That’s where AllSage comes in… We are experienced in applying Better Impact to vastly diverse volunteering scenarios. Whether you are recruiting for a one-off event, or manning an ongoing scheduled program, we will tailor this powerful tool to exactly match your needs.

Do you use Donor, Client, or Member Impact? AllSage will help you with those, too

What you can expect…

Coffee & notes

Discussion & Consultation

Upon receiving your inquiry We will reply with potential meeting dates and times. We include a half hour complimentary consultation with no obligation to engage our services. If we agree we are a good fit, then we will discuss a timeline, high-level scope of services, compensation, and draft an agreement.

Solutions & Development

Once we agree on strategy, then we get down to work. We will meet with you and your staff to map your processes and requirements; then configure your account; beta test the system; draft customized documentation; train and coach your staff. We can also help with risk and legislative considerations.

woman working on laptop

Implementation & Revisions

Time to launch! Initially, we will work with a small sample group to make sure everything is working the way we expect, and make any needed revisions. We will support you through your first recruitment so you can feel confident when you take over yourself.

To get started, use our contact form to tell us a little about your organization.